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1. Chairs Message

Dear Members-
Nyanza Shaw, Chair, LPMT

Welcome to the September/October issue of LPMT's eNEWS

As I come to the end of my tenure as the Chair of the Law Practice Management and Technology Section Executive Committee, I want to first thank a few people who have really stepped up and contributed to this being a successful and productive year. Special kudos to Cynthia Mascio and Mike Fenger (Co-Chairs of The Bottom Line sub-committee) and Patty Miller (Executive Committee Secretary and Chair of the eNews sub-committee) who have worked tirelessly to gather, edit, and organize all of the information and articles that we present to you in our publications. Also, thank you to all of you have submitted articles, some of you multiple articles, to be published for our members' benefit. Finally, I want to thank Kristina Robledo, our State Bar Section Coordinator, who has been helpful, responsive, and gone above and beyond the call of duty whenever I have reached out to her for assistance.

The State Bar Sections are here to serve their members. All that we do is for you. We try our best to present articles, information, and programs that we feel have value to you, the members of LPMT, and are committed to continuing to do so under our incoming Chair, Kurt Obermeyer. I hope that during the past year that you have learned something from our publications or programs that can help you manage or even enhance your law practice.

Finally, as always, we want to hear from you!! If you want to write an article, submit a tech tip, or have questions, please contact us!!! Feel free to email me at; I will continue to serve on the Executive Committee in the upcoming year as Past Chair.

Nyanza Shaw, Chair, LPMT (email)

2. Did You Know . . . Tech Tips?

a. Windows 10

Test-Driving Windows 10: What You Need to Know Before You Upgrade [...and what to do if you've already upgraded]

By Perry L. Segal -- September 2, 2015

Windows 10 was released in late July to a lot of fanfare. Even as a 'tech-guy', my rule of thumb is to never install an upgrade to a Windows operating system until Service Pack 1 is released.

But, as is true with many other users, Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8.0 before it) was a big disappointment to me and I figured anything would be better than standing pat. So, under the dual-philosophies of, "Tech, Heal Thy PC" and "Document it for our readers", I installed Windows 10 as soon as it became available

Good thing I know how to fix my technology. On the plus side, you get to learn from my pain. READ MORE

b. Networking on LinkedIn

The Two Strategies for Networking on LinkedIn -- And Why They Matter

Image Credit: Janne Moren | Flickr | Enhanced by Entrepreneur

In his book Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, search engine optimization and online marketing expert consultant Ted Prodromou explains how you can use LinkedIn to quickly engage with ideal customers, partners, and employees, showcase your company and attract new opportunities. In this edited excerpt, the author explains two different strategies for networking on LinkedIn.

How many connections should you have on LinkedIn? There isn't a magic number that works for everyone. LinkedIn isn't a popularity contest where the person with the most connections wins. LinkedIn is about building relationships and connecting with others, which is very different than the monologue communication of something like Twitter. READ MORE

3. Did You Know....Articles?

(a) Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing - Have Your Elevator Speech Ready!

By Neil Pedersen

Most legal marketing and business development experts will agree that one of the most important things you can do to establish and build your business is to clearly and regularly communicate your practice area to all of your potential clients and referral sources. The industry term is "branding." The textbook definition of branding is "the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, design or reputation that identifies and differentiates one product or person from other products or persons."

Branding can take many forms for an attorney, including the most basic tools like business cards and letterhead that include practice areas prominently displayed on them. However, the most fundamental way you brand yourself is what you say about yourself to others. Interestingly, while most attorneys will spend substantial time, money and effort to develop logos, slogans, letterhead, business cards and other forms of marketing materials, very few attorneys spend any quality time developing and practicing the most important aspect of their marketing efforts - their elevator speech. READ MORE

(b) Stand-Up Work Stations

Get Up, Stand Up, Stand for your...Health!

By Peter N. Brewer

It is pretty well beyond dispute that humans were not designed to sit most of the day. Yet for many of us our jobs fairly well demand it. Well, it's time for a revolution. Paraphrasing Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up! Stand up for your HEALTH.

I recommend that you experience the pleasure of a stand-up desk. I have been using a stand-up desk in my office for around ten years or so, pictured right. It is not my only desk -- I still sit to use the computer. But I put my phone on the stand-up desk, and positioned the stand-up desk facing the window with the nicest view, and now whenever I take or receive a phone call, I stand up. I keep a notepad on the stand-up desk so I am instantly ready to field a call and take notes. READ MORE

(c) Authenticated Electronic Legal Materials Online

Perry Segal has alerted us to Senate Bill 470 which was signed into law on August 10, 2015, by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill will allow courts weighing requests for summary judgment to only consider objections to evidence they deem material to the motions. Objections not ruled on by a judge will be preserved for appellate review. The change is effective January 1, 2016.

Judges Catch a Break on Summary Judgment

by Cheryl Miller, The Recorder
August 10, 2015

SACRAMENTO -- Judges should be able to dispose of summary-judgment motions more quickly under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Senate Bill 470 will allow courts weighing requests for summary judgment to only consider objections to evidence they deem material to the motion. Objections not ruled on by a judge will be preserved for appellate review. READ MORE

(d) Crowdfunding

Strapped for cash to start a law firm? Crowdfunding may be permissible, ethics opinion says


(Photo from Shutterstock)

Lawyers who want to start a law firm but are short on cash may be able to use some types of crowdfunding, according to an ethics opinion

Lawyers may not use any funding, however, that gives the investor an interest in a law firm or a share of its revenue, according to the June 29 opinion by the New York State Bar Association. The ABA BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct has a story. READ MORE

4. News from The State Bar

Public Comment

The State Bar of California currently has no new items out for public comment. Do check the Public Comment section on The State Bar's website for new postings.

If you feel that the LPMT Executive Committee should submit comments on behalf of the LPMT Section members to a particular item out for public comment, please contact Amy Williams, Chair of the Rules Subcommittee at are also cited.

PLEASE NOTE: Publication for public comment is not, and shall not be, construed as a recommendation or approval by the Board of Trustees of the materials published.

5. The Bottom Line/eTBL

October Issue

We hope you found the August issue informative. The Editorial Committee continues to gather articles for the October 2015 issue. To date, the following articles are scheduled to be in the October issue:

MCLE Self-Study Credit-1 hour: Going Digital: A Step-by-Step Approach on How to Make the Change, Part Two, by Neil Pedersen

Report on the ILTACON (International Legal Technology Association Convention, which was held in Las Vegas August 30 through September 3, 2015), by Jeffrey Bennion


6. Educational Opportunities

(a) Self-Study CLE in Legal Ethics for Members of the Law Practice Management and Technology Section

As a benefit of Section membership, The State Bar is pleased to offer four hours of MCLE credit in Legal Ethics -- enough to fulfill your requirements in this subfield! Just watch the selected programs, and keep a record of having done so in the event you are audited for MCLE compliance.

(b) CYLA 10-Minute Mentor

The California Young Lawyers Association has assembled a series of mentoring videos which are posted at: HERE. New videos are being added all the time.

LPMT Executive Committee member, Neil Pedersen, recently recorded two videos which will be posted to the web shortly:

  1. Time Management for the Busy Attorney
  2. The Paperless Law Office: Using Technology to Maximize Efficiency and Profit

Other videos by LPMT Executive Committee members/advisors are set forth below.

Neil Pedersen - Time Management for the Busy Attorney

Neil Pedersen - The Paperless Law Office: Using Technology to Maximize Efficiency and Profit

Mari Frank - Successful Negotiation and Mediation in Your Practice

Peter Brewer - Evolving Your Solo Laws Practice: Daring to Become a Firm

Perry Segal - Today's Technologies and Maintaining Client Confidences 101

The hash tag for the CYLA Mentoring Videos is, #10MinuteMentor, should you wish to retweet any of the videos.

(c) Online CLE

View the Online CLE catalog to find webinars and programs presented by the LPMT Section or which contain practice management topics. Also find articles from Section publications, including The Bottom Line, to obtain self-study MCLE credit. Several articles from past issues of The Bottom Line have been placed in the Online CLE catalog and offer MCLE self-study credit.

Please provide your thoughts and suggestions to the Chair of the Education Committee, Kurt Obermeyer or Let Kurt hear from you with suggested topics or a proposal to present a webinar or program

7. Executive Committee News

(a) 2014-2015 Fiscal Year Ends -- Thank You

The eNewsletter Editorial Team wishes to acknowledge and thank the following members of the Executive Committee who are completing their terms on the Executive Committee this year:

Voting Members: Kurt Obermeyer, Neil Pedersen, Nyanza Shaw and Amy Williams.

Special Advisors: Mari Frank, Cynthia Mascio, Larry Meyer, Patty Miller, Derick Roselli and Perry Segal.


(b) 2015-2016 Brings a New Year for the Executive Committee -- New Officers and Voting Members

In 2015-2016, the LPMT Section will be lead by the following officers of the Executive Committee:


Chair: Kurt Obermeyer, El Segundo
Vice Chair: Peter Brewer, Palo Alto
Secretary: Patricia Miller, Watsonville
Treasurer: Cynthia Mascio, Cerritos

The newly-elected officers will assume their duties at the conclusion of The State Bar Annual Meeting.


(c) News from LPMT Section Members:

Members, let us know what you are doing so we can include your activities and accomplishments in our next eNewsletter. Let us hear from you (

(d) Opening, Growing and Managing a Law Office

Opening a Law OfficePurchase the State Bar’s two publications, The California Guide to Opening a Law Office and The California Guide to Growing and Managing a Law Office (official hash tag #GrowLaw) to assist you in running and growing your law practice. Your Executive Committee members are contributing authors.

8. Future State Bar Annual Meetings

2015: October 8-11, Anaheim
2016: September 29-October 2, San Diego
2017: August 24-27, Anaheim
2018: September 13-16, San Diego

9. Benefits for Members

The July/August eNews included detailed information about how members of the LPMT can take advantage of discounts.

  • Time59
  • AB Unlimited
  • Lexology®
  • TechnoLawyer®
  • LawBiz®
  • ShareFile
  • JumpStart Genius®
  • CEB®
  • Inventus

For detailed information about vendor benefits, go to the Members Only Section under Special Offers and Discounts.

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