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Law Practice Management & Technology is the only section of the State Bar of California exclusively devoted to the practical aspects of starting, growing, and prospering in your law practice.

Our goal is to help you run your practice more efficiently.

We do this by giving you exclusive access to time-proven methods and the latest innovations in law office administration, financial management, legal ethics and time management, among numerous other subjects. We also offer practical advice on how to market your a law practice, the latest office systems and procedures and law office technology.

Below are just some of the more tangible benefits of membership in the LPMT Section.

Visit our Join the Section page to put the Law Practice Management & Technology Section of the State Bar to work for you today.

Great Product Discounts

As a member of LPMT you will receive discounts on numerous valuable products, seminars and services. Section members should check their mail boxes for 'The Bottom Line' newsletter containing a list of product and service discounts available as a benefit of membership. See Special Offers and Discounts for more details.

Executive Committee Resources

The members of the Law Practice Management & Technology Section Executive Committee have a broad range of knowledge that can help you run your practice more efficiently.

Free Publications

Every member receives a free copy our bi-monthly newsletter The Bottom Line .


Each issue of The Bottom Line contains an article and quiz that members can read, complete and return for one hour of MCLE credit. This quiz often is eligible for Legal Ethics, Substance Abuse or Elimination of Bias MCLE credit.

For other sources of MCLE credit from the Section, including online audio and video providing participatory credit, see our Education page.


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