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Message from the Editors

M. PinesYvonne Waldron-RobinsonFrom the April 2017 issue.

By Mike Fenger, Esq. and Cynthia Mascio, ACP, CEDS

Better late than never, we have a strong group of articles for this issue. "Telecommuting as a Reasonable Accommodation” by Katie Patterson can apply to both clients and firms. “The Power of Preparation In Negotiations and Mediation” by Mari J. Frank, “It Takes More Than a Dumpster to Build a Digital Law Library: 12 Critical Components for Digital Law Library Transformations,” by Jean P. O’Grady, and “Electronically Stored Information and Attorney Competence,” by Cari M. Pines and Kevin J.Mooney, complete the issue. Be sure to take advantage of the MCLE true-false tests. And, if you have an idea for an article (or even a complete article), you can contact me at

Michael Fenger
Cari Pines
Co-chairs, Law Practince Management anad Technology Section eTBL Committee

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