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Message from the Chair: All-MCLE Issue

From the February 2014 issue.

Tangela TerryBy Tangela Terry, Esq.
Law Office of Tangela D. Terry

Happy New Year! Welcome to the February issue of the e-TBL. This issue has topics related to ethical issues that an attorney faces when the decision is made to hire a paralegal, implementing cloud based solutions, the expansion of the Child Online Protection Policy (“COPPA”), office space considerations, the retirement of Windows XP and using Amicus Attorney to market your practice. 

Have you thought about hiring a paralegal or using the services of a paralegal on an as needed basis? If so, please read “Getting Ethical With Paralegals: A Look at California Rules and Their Impact on Attorneys and Paralegals” by Barbara Haubrich-Hass. This article covers many of the ethical issues one must consider including the required qualifications of a paralegal and social media No No’s. More and more attorneys are either thinking of or are currently using the cloud in their law practice. If you are one of those attorneys, then Prashant Kumar and Robert Takemura’s article, “Implementing Cloud-based Solutions for Legal Practices” is a must read. It is a very thorough article on implementing and actively managing cloud based systems. 

“From Lemonade and Lucy to COPPA and Cookies,” by Adama D.H. Grant. Scratching your head trying to figure out what this article could possibly be about? Mr. Grant discusses the recent expansion of the Child Online Protection Policy (“COPPA”), which now requires parental consent before online services directed at children under age 13 collects personal information from children. Thinking about looking for office space? Ed Poll’s article, “How to Assess the Office Your Law Practice Needs,” is a must read. It covers the gamut from cost to operations assessments. Are you still using Windows XP? If so, are you aware that on April 8, 2014, Windows XP will be retired? Doug Hafford’s article gives guidance on what to do if you are faced with this dilemma. Finally, Camille Rogers’ article discusses how you can effectively use Amicus Attorney to market your law practice.

Thank you to the contributing authors and the e-TBL committee for your contributions. Finally, thank you to the members of LPMT, I hope that you enjoy the articles and all of the many benefits that being a member of this section has to offer. Consider getting more involved, we are always looking for articles for our two publications, The Bottom Line and the E-News. If you are interested in serving in a leadership capacity, consider applying for a position on the Executive Committee, the application deadline is February of each year. (click here to read more about the appointments process


Tangela D. Terry, Chair, LPMT

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